Diddle Digest | 2-3-2014

Dc diddle digest 2 3 2014


"Oh Say Can You See" Gateway 2014

The Vietnam War. A war fought thousands of miles away against a silent, invisible enemy brought to life, for the first time on American televisions. Images beamed over airwaves of casualties, confusion, introspection, body counts, terror and camaraderie - all experienced by 19-year-old soldiers thrust into an environment unlike any other theater of war...ever.  Read More...

Notre Dame Takes on the "23" Theory

The Notre Dame College Indoor Percussion Ensemble (NDIPE) is proud to announce its 2014 Program: “23”. This year’s production will explore the curious enigma that surrounds events associated with the number 23. Read More...

WGI Looking For Talented Videographers

WGI is still looking for a talented volunteer to create a video montage during the following regionals:

  1. Phoenix Percussion Regional (3-1-2014)

  2. Phoenix Percussion Regional (3-1-2014)

  3. Trumbull Percussion Regional (3-1-2014)

 Must have own camera and editing software. Please email Amy@wgi.org for more information.

Rhythm X presents eXtra Access

Check out behind the scenes footage of Rhythm X in eXtra Access, Presented by Pearl/Adams.  New episodes air every week so be sure to check them out at http://rhythmx.org/!


SCPA - Chino Hills, CA

MCGC - West Bloomfield, MI

Picture of the Week

Source: http://pulsepercussion.org/

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