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Break through your glass ceiling and turbocharge your chops!

Drumline Chops Features

Hundreds of Helpful Videos

Boost your rudimental knowledge with hundreds of video lessons that teach you world-class techniques, concepts, and exercises step-by-step.

Thousands of Play Along Tracks

Build your chops and increase your rhythmic accuracy by playing along to thousands of high quality practice tracks.

Downloadable Sheet Music

Get crystal-clear sheet music for every exercise on the site. You can read along as you work through an exercise or print them out to keep an ever-growing library of your own!

Amazing Routines

Want a daily warm up or a series of exercises to help you improve your flams? Our routines are specially designed by professional music educators to ensure you have effective practice sessions that create positive results. All you need to do is sit down and play!

Personalized Library

Do you have certain exercises or routines that you love to play? Bookmark your favorites and add them to a personalized library in your dashboard so that you can easily access them every time you log in!

Unlimited Access

Feel like drumming in the middle of the night? Cool – we’re ready to go! Want to do a million reps of Eight on a Hand? Bring it! Get unlimited 24/7 access to all of the tools and resources so you can chop out as much you want.

Become the best on your drumline without spending a fortune

Drumline Chops Benefits

Break Through Your Glass Ceiling

Ever feel like you're stuck and just can't get to the next level? Drumline Chops helps you shatter your glass ceilings with thousands of high quality play along tracks and specially designed routines that help get you to the next level.

Say Goodbye to Boredom

Hate feeling bored when you really want to get better? All of the lessons, practice tracks, and routines on Drumline Chops are fun to play and specially designed to keep you actively engaged.

Unleash Your Greatness

We believe in you and we believe you have greatness inside of you. With monthly challenges, daily routines, and weekly motivation, you’ll be unleashing your greatness before you even know it!

Dominate Your Practice Sessions

Not sure what to practice to achieve your goals? The lessons, exercises, and routines on Drumline Chops give you exactly what you need to gain complete control over your practice and achieve the goals you dream of.

Achieve Better Results in Less Time

We’re all short on time but that’s no reason to not achieve excellence! The routines and play-along tracks come in a wide variety of different lengths so whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, Drumline Chops has something to fit your schedule.

Get Laser Sharp Focus

Tired of feeling like your practice sessions are unfocused and unproductive? Just log in, pick a routine, and start playing. It’s that easy. We’ve already done the planning for you!

Why We’re Here

We believe the marching percussion activity improves the world by teaching individuals the skills and habits necessary to achieve personal excellence and lifelong success.

This fundamental belief is what fuels our mission to enhance the experience of drumline participants and nurture the evolution of the activity.

We enhance the experience of participants and nurture the evolution of the activity by creating world-class tools and resources that are highly effective, beautifully designed, and fun to use.

Will you join us?