5 Bass Drum Ensembles That Will Blow You Away

What's better than playing clean beats? Splitting them! Here a list of five amazing bass drum ensembles that will leave you wanting to find a friend to play bass splits with. Be sure to check out each one as every group adds their own touch on their production. In no particular order:

1. 2008 Blue Knights Bass Drum Ensemble

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Circus of Bass! If you want great music, great technique, great movement, and great showmanship all packaged in a great theme: this is your jam.

2. 2006 University of North Texas Bass Drum Ensemble

Bass drummers like to play splits, but these guys take it beyond the bass by splitting things on hand bells and tenors. Make sure you’re listening for Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song” around 1:15 and Minoru Miki’s “Marimba Spiritual” at 5:15

3. 2002 Blue Devils Bass Drum Ensemble

The Devs are at it again! Check out the quick splits, crazy runs, and all around solid chops.

4. 2001 Phantom Regiment Bass Drum Ensemble

Talk about smooth runs and solid rim clicks! These guys lay it down with a solid pulse and lots of energy.

5. 2009 Santa Clara Vanguard Bass Drum Ensemble

There’s no doubt that these bass drummers have chops! Not only do they play some great splits, they also have a pretty impressive 60 second “warm up.” Keep an ear out for the common jazz standard starting around 3:05 Hope you enjoyed watching these five bass drum ensembles perform their compositions!  Be sure to head over to the Drumline Chops forum to talk about them and let us know what other bass lines you think should be on the list!

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Pat McLaughlin

3 October 2012 in Drum
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Pat McLaughlin

Pat McLaughlin is the founder of Drumline Chops.  He graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in music education and is currently the percussion director at West Bloomfield High School.