8 Legendary Tenor Solos You Must Watch

There are tenor solos...and then there are legendary tenor solos. Legendary tenor solos are the ones that create a shift in the way the marching community perceives the instrument. They're the ones that people talk about for years to come and the ones that stand the test of time. Here are eight legendary tenor solos (in no particular order) that you've got to watch.

1. Tim Jackson - 2006 Blue Devils Drumline

Since there weren't enough drums on one set of tenors, Tim Jackson of the Concord Blue Devils drumline plays his 2006 I&E solo on three sets!

2. Nick Werth - 2002 Carolina Crown Drumline

In his 2002 DCI I&E tenor solo, Nick Werth shows that the unexamined life is not worth living. Make sure you don't miss the soft beat boxing section in the middle!

3. Mike Hodges - 2003 University of North Texas Drumline

Mike Hodges lays it all out there with handed rolls, playing licks backwards, and crazy singles. His 2003 PASIC tenor solo championship performance is definitely one that you won't forget about after you watch it!

4. Brian Spicer - 1999 Cavaliers Drumline

Brian pulls out all the stops in his 1999 Tenor I&E championship solo by busting out the baseball bats. Yes, you read correctly, large plastic baseball bats.

5. Bill Bachman - 1995 University of North Texas Drumline

Watching Bill Bachman throw down is always a treat and this tenor solo from PASIC in 1995 is no different!

6. Sean Vega - 1997 Blue Devils Drumline

Make sure your seatbelt is strapped on this one because it gets fast! Some of his single stroke rolls are over before you even know what happened.

7. Collin McNutt - 1992 Santa Clara Vanguard Drumline

A little behind the back action is always a crowd favorite. Watch Collin McNutt goes to town in his 1992 I&E tenor solo.

8. Matt Penland - 2011 Santa Clara Vanguard Drumline

Who doesn't like a bit of Michael Jackson mixed in with fast sweeps and stick tricks? Hope you enjoyed these legendary tenor solos!  If you have any other opinions or recommendations about legendary tenor solos, be sure to head over to the Drumline Chops forum and leave your thoughts!

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Pat McLaughlin

25 September 2012 in Videos
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Pat McLaughlin

Pat McLaughlin is the founder of Drumline Chops.  He graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in music education and is currently the percussion director at West Bloomfield High School.