DCI I&E Snare Solo Champions from the 90s

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Every year, Drum Corps International hosts an Individual and Ensemble event where members of various drum corps perform a solo or ensemble and compete against members from other drum corps.  

One of the most popular competitions within the DCI I&E event is the snare drum solo competition.

Below is a list of all of the DCI I&E snare drum champions from 1990-1999.  The solos are listed in chronological order with the name of the player, the drum corps they were marching that year, the score of their snare drum solo, and a video recording.

Be sure to watch them all and observe how the overall style of playing evolves throughout the course of nine years!  


1990 - Scott Kratzer - Cavaliers - 96.50


1991 - Jovan Hawkins - Madison Scouts - 99.00


1992 - Nick Angelis - Santa Clara Vanguard - 97.00


1993 - Jason Parent - Phantom Regiment - 99.50


1994 - Jeff Queen - Blue Knights - 97.00


1995 - Jeff Queen - Blue Knights - 98.00

* There's currently no available video of Jeff Queen's 1995 DCI I&E snare drum solo online but here's his PASIC Snare Solo from the same year:


1996 - Naoki Ishakawa - Cavaliers - 97.00


1997 - Jason Parker - Cavaliers - 99.70


1998 - Jeff Hassan - Phantom Regiment - 97.80

Currently Unavailable


1999 - Ercan Erhan - Santa Clara Vanguard - 96.60

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Pat McLaughlin

14 January 2013 in Videos
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Pat McLaughlin

Pat McLaughlin is the founder of Drumline Chops.  He graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in music education and is currently the percussion director at West Bloomfield High School.